Le dimanche 8 décembre 2019 à partir de 19h30

StraFUNkel Comedy presents Stefan Bobner in - Struggle

Entrée libre

Une soiree d’humour anglophone!

Stefan is struggling; With being an Austrian in France, with growing older and with the inevitable consequences of climate change. Sounds like a recipe for depression? Well it’s not, it’s a one hour stand up comedy show in English! So, come by and laugh at his pain?

Stefan Bobner is the founder and host of StraFUnkel - English Comedy in Strasbourg. He has been doing gigs in France, the UK, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria and Germany and tried to put his jokes and buffoonery into a one hour stand up special. His mom says he is funny?.his girlfriend disagrees.

The evening is hosted by Denis Bostock
Opening Act: Margaux Lagleize (in English)

Free entry, but you have to pay to get out ;) (donations at the end)!

Online reservation is encouraged to get a guaranteed seat. Please be on time, we’ll give away "no show" seats from 19h45

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Lieu : Local

Adresse : Rue de l’abreuvoir

Ville : Strasbourg

Quartier : Quartier Krutenau

Département : Bas-Rhin

Région : Grand Est

Pays : France

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