Le samedi 6 juillet 2019 de 10h à 13h

The Wine Cabbie,Wine tasting in English for all

Krutenau, Strasbourg
Plus de 20 Euros

No matter who you are:

an enthusiasticabsolute beginner or a lay native speaker? Simply let a sommelier take you on a memorable ride from wine to wine, and learn how to speak about wine in English!

Your fare? The course will include 15 people at the most, speaking around 6 wines for 2:30 hours in a privatised space, for 30 euros all inclusive.

Hail Christophe, aka l’Œnomad, jump into his tasty cab, and enjoy!

Dial 06 63 40 92 63 now! or christophe@loenomad.com

6 wines and finger food, suport 30 €

Plus d'info : https://www.loenomad.com/
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Lieu : Krutenau

Ville : Strasbourg

Département : Bas-Rhin

Région : Grand Est

Pays : France

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