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Cet évènement est terminé, il s'est déroulé Vendredi 28 juin 2019 de 20h à 21h30

StraFUNkel English Comedy presents - Three Amigos Comedy Show

Le Galopin // 55, Grand'Rue, Strasbourg
8 Euros
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Une soiree d'humour anglophone!
StraFUNkel English Comedy in Strasbourg presents "Three Amigos Comedy Show".

Three comedians are doing a stand-up comedy set of 20 minutes each in English! Come by for an evening full of laughter, giggles and jokes about sexual reproductive organs, fake Gucci belts and Angela Merkel...

Artist info:
Stefan Bobner is a comic hailing from Austria but living in France. He is the founder and show runner of Strafunkel - English Comedy in Strasbourg and is doing stand-up comedy in French and English. He was recently voted Eastern France's funniest comedian by his mum...

Arezki Chougar is a stand-up comic from Toulouse where he co-founded the English speaking Toulouse Comedy Night. He currently lives in Paris and is also a dentist, with his humour being as sophisticated as his client's teeth.

Yasser El Ansari is a comedian based in Strasbourg but you can see him as often on stage in Paris where he helps running the Wishing Light Comedy Night. A cinema buff he'll tell you what his parents think of his stand-up career.

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