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StraFUNkel presents the Three is Comedy Show

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StraFUnkel English Comedy in Strasbourg vous propose une soirée d'humour anglophone. Groovy Baby!

Grab a craft beer or an organic fruit juice and come down to our comedy cellar, we got something special for you. Three international comedians, each doing a 20 minutes set. In English! In Strasbourg!! Just for you!!! It's going to be an evening of rofling...as the young people say :D

The artists:

Elspeth Graty
Elspeth would describe herself as Desperate Housewives meets 50 Shades of Grey. She started doing standup comedy so she could talk about herself uninterrupted. She's an English teacher - British English: the right English. She wouldn't call herself ambitious ? never mind the Rolex, if she finds two matching socks in the morning she's happy. Elspeth is a regular of the Parisian stand up scene, and performs both in English and French.

Deepu Dileepan
Deepu is a former social scientist turned writer/ comedian whose one man show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival received raving reviews. His credits include appearances on RTL TV, ?funny business with Deepu' on ARA Radio and Live108.4FM, with over 3 million views on YouTube. Currently based in Luxembourg City, he has performed in cities around the world including Seattle, New York City, Vienna, Mumbai, Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam, Cannes, London, Bonn, Edinburgh, Dublin and Barcelona.

Arezki Chougar
Arezki is a stand-up comic from Toulouse where he co-founded the English speaking Toulouse Comedy Night. He currently lives in Paris and performs regularly in the hottest clubs in town. Also a dentist, his humour is as sophisticated as his client's teeth. He'll pay the rounds after the show.*

Stefan Bobner
Stefan is the founder and show runner of StraFUNkel English Comedy in Strasbourg and your favourite Austrian comedian based in Eastern France (his mom says so). He will host the night.

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