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Aujourd’hui mardi 19 novembre 2019 à partir de 18h

Café-débat Our Food Wastage Footprint ?

Institut Lebel, 4 Rue Blaise Pascal, 67000 Strasbourg
Visuel cinéma
A debate on the value of food in our current society

Did you know that the sector ?Food waste? is the world's third largest emitter of greenhouse gases?
The loss of 1.3 billion tonnes of food that is thrown away in a year by producers, retailers and consumers - that means a loss of ? of all food produced globally!! - has huge impacts not only on the environment and thus on climate change but also on Global Hunger and the natural resources.
What causes food waste? How can we stop it?

We want to understand the reasons and impacts of food waste and find solutions together. Come and take part of an interactive debate!
Campus Vert Strasbourg will prepare some snacks for us made of rescued food!

What is the AlimenTERRE festival?

The festival #ALIMENTERRE is a must-attend event that focuses on food issues and global agriculture! It takes place between the 15 october and 30 november 2019 and is organised by hundreds of volunteers all over France like Les Petits Débrouillards Strasbourg. The festival allows us to think about those issues and to find solutions together!

Citizens, politicians, farmers, activists - We hope for numerous participation!

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